Transaction E&S Advisory

Project finance, investments, mergers, acquisition and divestments require accurate information to avoid delays, unforeseen costs or exposure to reputational damage. Alvus provides independent assessment and verification of Environmental, Social and Governance aspects through our due diligence services. A robust E&S due diligence maximises transaction value by reducing uncertainties and provides opportunities to capitalize on positive externalities.

Corporate Sustainability Services

A clear sustainability vision with transparent decision-making is critical for organizations to improve operational performance, access to capital markets and their relationship with stakeholders. Alvus helps organisations develop a comprehensive approach to environmental and social sustainability through the following services:

  • Develop a corporate sustainability vision and policy.
  • Assess corporate culture and design a programme to align with sustainability objectives.
  • Set up an E&S Management System to identify and mitigate E&S risks.
  • Develop a CSR plan to maximise positive impacts on society and the environment.
  • Report on sustainability performance to all stakeholders.

Environmental and Social Management Systems

The Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) is the cornerstone for the control of E&S obligations of any organisation.

The ESMS systematically identifies and manages E&S risks and protects the Company from non-compliances that can potentially result in fines and reputational damage. It also manages the implementation of the organisation’s sustainability targets.

We design bespoke ESMSs to enable our clients to meet their E&S obligations and targets in a consistent and effective manner and to facilitate and streamline sustainability reporting.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

E&S impacts arising from developments are under high levels of scrutiny from national statutory authorities, international lenders, NGOs, and the public. A robust assessment is required to predict, minimise and mitigate negative E&S impacts and maximise positive externalities.

Alvus’ bespoke ESIA process ensures that risks are identified early in project development, impacts are accurately predicted and effectively mitigated, all E&S obligations are complied with, and stakeholders are meaningfully consulted to maximise project support. Our ESIA process expedites E&S permitting and project bankability.

We also work on Strategic Environmental and Social Assessments (SESAs) for Policies, Plans and Programmes.

Resettlement / Livelihood Restoration Plans

Involuntary resettlement is one of the most significant risks for a Project. If managed poorly, it can result in long-term negative socioeconomic consequences for those being resettled, protests and associated reputational damage to the project.

At Alvus we work with clients to minimise the need for involuntary resettlement. When unavoidable, we deploy our social and rural livelihoods expertise to prepare Resettlement Action Plans and Livelihood Restoration Plans that ensure that affected persons are better off as a result of the Project, that build strong community support and that are realistic and readily implementable.

Capacity Building & Training

Alvus offers comprehensive training for organisations that want to maximise their sustainability potential and minimise their E&S risks. Training employees on environmental, social, health and safety issues pertaining to the scope of their work ensures the successful implementation of the E&S Policy of an organisation and enables employees to meaningfully contribute to corporate sustainability targets.

Auditing & Compliance Management

Alvus has developed an Auditing program based on our team’s accumulation of skills, knowledge, and most of all, global experience. While other audit programs may focus on the visible symptoms of system mismanagement, we believe that identifying the root cause is a key in the effective remediation of all non-compliances.

In addition to assessing the compliance with internal and external requirements, our approach is to transfer our expertise by engaging with the Client at all organisational levels, thereby contributing to improved E&S performance moving forward.

CSR Plans & Programmes

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) increases an organisation’s positive impacts on sustainability. Social demand for CSR is steadily growing as proactive CSR significantly improves company reputation, perception from external stakeholders and staff morale.

We use our E&S expertise to plan and implement effective CSR initiatives that build on each organisation’s activities and strengths. Our CSR Plans take the ISO 26000 Standard into consideration, resulting in measurable positive impacts through specific E&S programmes.

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